Monday, July 29, 2013

Updating: "March against animal testing on party pills"

Reminder about tomorrow's protest in Wellington and other places. John Campbell just ran a good piece. It was sad to see John Banks speaking against this to an almost empty house. If you can make it, hope to see you there. For more details.


HUHA, Helping You Help Animals, is an organisation I admire and support for their work with homeless animals and philosophy of never euthanising simply because a home cannot immediately be found. I saw what they do first-hand when I got my Beagle from them.

They are organising a further protest against the testing of party pills on dogs on July 30, 12 noon. The Wellington protest will be at parliament but it looks like other protests will run elsewhere.

Nobody has to take a psychoactive drug. It's their choice and their risk.


Mark Hubbard said...

I hope as many people who can get their attend.

Mark Hubbard said...

Goodness, too much coffee.

I hope as many people as possible attend.

(Feel free to delete my first post, Lindsay).

Richard said...

I'll be there.

Marc said...

Simple solution - all you liberals who object to testing party pills on animals, I'm sure you will all boycott any retailer that offers to sell any of them. No demand - no supply - no testing. Simple. Make it clear to suppliers that this action will happen, and you will effectively prevent anything coming onto the market that has had animal testing in it's approval certification.

Why do I feel as Tui coming on.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Except I have never shopped anywhere that sells party pills. So it'll look pretty lame if I turn up threatening a boycott.

Richard said...

The government has legislated an incentive for party pill suppliers to test party pills on animals.

The government has also legislated an incentive for those who object to testing party pills on animals to prevent such testing from happening.

By any means necessary.