Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Extending the IWTC is not a cure for child poverty

In the interests of children the In Work Tax Credit should be retained as a work incentive. Even Labour believed that working parents offered the best way out of poverty for children, and that extends beyond just the monetary rewards of working. That's why they designed a tax credit system that made working pay more.

Ever since, the CPAG has tried to overturn it, arguing discrimination against children of beneficiaries.

Today the NZ Herald has revealed that 51 percent of people participating in an on-line poll agree with CPAG. At 750 it's not a large sample but nevertheless it is disappointing that so many people don't think through the issue.

New Zealand's 'child poverty' problem is largely a result of welfare dependency. More welfare won't fix it.


Adamsmith1922 said...

I suspect that the question phrasing played a part. Quite possibly a majority would respond in that manner to the general proposition, it sounds a nice thing to do and contains no cost signals as such. However, if the question was do you support extending the IWTC to beneficiaries at a cost to you of say another $25per week, so as to avoid cutting other programmes, then result could well be radically different.

first holy communion gift said...

yes i agree with you, this could give good respond because it contains no cost signals