Thursday, November 15, 2012

Family violence deaths and ethnicity

As per usual the discussion about the death of J J Lawrence features arguments about child abuse  being a Maori problem. It isn't solely, but it is disproportionately. But let's put the actual statistics on the line:

But what do you notice about the preamble to this table?


Anonymous said...

Um.... isn't the preamble *wrong*?

When I went to school,
63 was *less* than 72.
So, what on earth is going on? Did they check the preamble before this table was released? I think not.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I think the writer might have fallen into the trap of transposing NZ European and non-Maori but it still seems to betray a PC bias.

Johnny said...

Oh, right. Now I get you.

Your point is that even though Maori are easily the highest proportionately, the author couldn't resist putting a loaded dig in at Europeans.

Point (now) taken.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay from your figures why have no european parents ever been named and shamed -as a society is European infanticide acceptable but not for Pacific islanders like Luffely or other brown New Zealanders.