Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Capably and ablably"

Yes, that's what Kate Sutton says about the female quota Labour plans to impose on electorate committees. The Labour Vice President says that international research shows that  "...when you create space for women they will capably and ablably fill it."


Still at least she has stopped swearing in her speeches.

I've chaired an electorate committee and am just trying to envisage turning away willing and able male members because I didn't have a female counterpart - of any calibre. How utterly absurd.


Anonymous said...

Stupid blimmin' Sutton.
If she is to be *truly* PC, she should have quotas for Maori, gays/lesbians and the disabled as well.

Rick said...

I can understand how she got this way.
Maybe her Dad was abusive to her Mom? Reaction formation perhaps?

Coming to terms with how she gets attention and support is my new puzzle.