Thursday, July 19, 2012

DPB income versus working income

I've blogged the second and third graphs for a reader who wants to compare the NZ situation with the US. (Specific data can be found at Work and Income. Basic DPB rate here Accommodation Supplement here and a plethora of extra help here. Then I suppose you will have to get tax rates and WFF tax credit rates from the IRD website.)

The first graph is from the American Enterprise Institute. Two and three are from MSD, NZ. They aren't directly comparable but illustrate the same problem.



Max said...

Very interesting, could you get an approximate gross income figure for NZ? The second two charts are very difficult to read.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Max, Did you click on the charts to enlarge?

What do you intend by "gross income figure"? By individual or family? Or the total of all income? I'm not sure.