Friday, October 21, 2011

DPB numbers - highest September quarter ever

Latest September quarter figures show DPB numbers standing at 114,147. No other September quarter has ever surpassed that number.

And this is after one year of National's work-testing policy applying.

In terms of children around 185,000 rely on this benefit. Think in terms of 600-plus medium sized schools.

In terms of cost, the average weekly DPB payment is around $513.00 so the cost tops $3 billion.

I wonder what the creators of this benefit would think, or do think, now? Some time ago I examined Hansards from that time, 1972-73. There was surprisingly little debate. National would have created the DPB if Labour hadn't. I remember reading how there were around 9,000 sole parents on emergency benefits and the relevant Minister estimated it would cost around an extra one million dollars (additional to the existing $11 million) if the emergency benefit had entitlement rather than discretionary status conferred upon it.

Have you ever known a sitting member of parliament spending taxpayer money to over-estimate the cost of anything?


Anonymous said...

18% increase since the Nats came into power.

They're a disgrace.

Redbaiter said...

Three cheers for social liberalism..!!!

Anonymous said...

The cat is well and truly out of the bag and will never, in our lifetime, be put back.
It is ridiculous.
The more you want to work full time, the less you earn, compared to all the extra benefits the DBP can offer, if you have the cheek to exploit them.
What would God think of this system.
of our lack of cohesion and our victim mentality.
Garth George is a wise old soul.

Sthn.Jeff said...

Anonymous said...
18% increase since the Nats came into power.

They're a disgrace.

9:21 AM

So it is the Nats out there "doing the deed" huh?
Perhaps it is the fact that we are now seeing an exponential growth due to the fact that we are now into many families into a third generation of bludging through this benefit.

Craig said...

Sthn.Jeff - given that the gnats have been in power 54% of the time since the DPB came into place - Yes, they are doing the deed... and they are overseeing the third generation of bludging through this benefit. They are a disgrace.

James said...

Red...that isn't the result of real social liberalism...which enforces personal responsibility along with he freedom. Its Socialism.....all entitlement,no responsibility.