Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Bribery and corruption "

The Mana Party has just announced its social welfare policy:

Provide a one off hardship grant of $1,000 for everyone aged 18 and over who is on an income of $30,000 or less, whether on a benefit or in paid work, to be paid by Christmas 2011.

Lift benefits to at least pre-1991 equivalent levels, ensuring people have enough to live on without constantly going into debt.

Extend the In Work Tax Credit to the children of beneficiary parents.

There are 1,874,000 individuals paying tax on incomes up to $30,000. If we took away maybe 24,000 that are under 18 the cost of this Christmas bonus would be $1,850,000,000 or $1.85 billion.

The cost of extending the In Work Tax Credit is around $360,000,000 (120,000 families at $3,000 per year)

Who knows what lifting benefits to pre 1991 levels would entail.

Perhaps a $2-3 billion dollar bribe all-up?

Ironically, election rules regarding managing the event advise:

Any attempts at bribery and corruption have two participants – those who offer the bribe and those who accept it. Anyone who knows about the bribe but says nothing is also implicated.

For the record, I am saying something.


Anonymous said...

Not just bribery and corruption.

It's economic, financial and social lunacy.

Anonymous said...

"It's economic, financial and social lunacy."

They are the Mana party don't forget!

Maungakiekie said...


James said...

H.L. Mencken. “Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.”