Sunday, May 08, 2011

National's election platforms - welfare avoided again

Just heard on Radio Live News that the PM has announced National's election platforms for 2011 - the economy, education, health and law and order. And indeed, that is the case.

So why not the biggest chunk of government spending - social security? Leaving it for ACT?

But in this term and the last, ACT also abandoned welfare as a central issue. Roy was spokesperson from 2005-08 and Douglas thereafter. Neither raised public conciousness about welfare the way Newman had before.

The greatest potential area for NZ to reduce spending, as well as improve outcomes, is in welfare. But that market research stuff they do tells parties to avoid the issue as too electorally sensitive.

Back yourself Brash and go after it. In the early 2000s, while still Reserve Bank Governor, you were publicly critical of welfare. Your outspokeness in that role laid the base for much of your current support. National has done next to nothing in this term and NZ now trails other developed countries in the reform stakes. We cannot afford to.


Anonymous said...

Back yourself Brash and go after it.

ACT's policy for the next election - and the emergency budget after it - includes 25% cuts to all benefits (and state sector pay), continuing cuts thereafter, raising the age of super, and ending the rorts of the DPB, Sickness, and Invalids.

the economy

The biggest issue in the economy is NZ is borrowing up to $1 BILLION every week to fund welfare (that is benefits, super, health, education).

education, health

again: as the Taskforce report describes, we simply cannot continue to fund education and health at anywhere near like current levels. As it is, every cent of education and health spending is borrowed.
While some vestigal "public" support may need to be retained, we have to get government out of health and education as a matter of utmost urgency.

law and order

Arm the police. What else is there here?

Manolo said...

Lindsay, you asked why?
Simply because Key is another gutless politician, who is only after poll ratings (with an eye to get re-elected.)

The Prime Minister avoid any controversial issue during the run-up to the election.

NZ is doomed under a National government.