Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Brash letter - Taskfarce

What appalled me, and should disturb all National and John Key supporters, is Key's refusal to meet with Brash to discuss the Taskforce 2025 report. How many photo opportunities does Key enjoy, performing nice- to- do but not essential- to- do things? Yet he can't make time to discuss the Taskforce 2025 recommendations which are crucial to creating a NZ that is at least keeping up with Australia. By his ignorance, the PM has consigned it to being a Taskfarce.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter - look at the latest polls.

Key will have to have Brash has is finance minster if Key wants to stay on as PM and the 2025 Taskforce is now ACT party policy and will be enacted in an emergency budget after the election.

That's the real budget this year - not the fake, "do nothing except borrow and borrow and borrow and flush it all away on benefits" budget that's being presented next week!

And Brash annouced some great policy on Perigo this week: breaking the public sector unions for a start.

Kiwiwit said...

John Key is a modern day Chamberlain, smiling and waving as his country descends into disaster.

Manolo said...

Yes, Key has earnt his Neville nickname.

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture of key doing the old kissing the baby routine in todays Manawatu Standard.


Anonymous said...

Key is Chamberlain - and Brash is Churchil.

And Labour - of course - are the Third Reich.