Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recent sketches

Two recent efforts - one a commission, the other a gift for an 88th birthday.

Although I am still in the shop three months on, it is getting tough. I can pinpoint the turning point. The Christchurch earthquake. Maybe it was just coincidental (Sam says people are donating any spare money) but I haven't had a paying job since and will have to go into debt to pay the next rent instalment. Have printed and am delivering around 600 flyers so maybe that will produce a result. There are still lots of people saying they have plans to commission a work and occasionally someone walks through the door and buys a painting but I need to decide how in debt I am prepared to get. I don't give up easily :-)


Anonymous said...

Your attention to detail is superb. There is no doubt you have the x factor, regardless of your choice of subject matter which would'nt be mine.

Making a living out of ones art will always be a tenuous way to feed the family. Even the "Names" of the art world struggle these days.

What is important is you are living your dream. Surely it does'nt get any better than that.


Anonymous said...

What does it cost to commison a picture Lindsay?

Anonymous said...

Where is your website?
If you do commissions from photos I'm sure the internet would be a great place to advertise your service.
And start an art blog and monetise it with Google. That may pay your rent if you want to keep the shop.

ps. Your work is beautiful, Lindsay.
Just find a way to make it pay.


Lou Taylor said...
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Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thanks all.

Have had an art blog for a number of years and it has never produced a commission.

At the moment I am offering pastel sketches (simple head and shoulders as per the post) for $120 unframed or $160 framed in a simple NZ wood frame. Plus postage if I have to ship it.

Anything else I usually quote on. That's been the good thing about having a studio/gallery. People can point to the type of thing they want. Oils start at around $400.

baxter said...

Perhaps if you cut off an ear.

Anonymous said...

PMSL at Baxter.

of course dying always helps an artist get recognition, but the downside limits the output.

Keep your brushes in play


Anonymous said...

Ask the government for a handout to pay the rent. Other artists do, not just once, but every day!

You've paid enough tax in your life to get some back.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay - How about getting out and talking to Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, PTA meetings, Parent groups, and other organisations who need regular guest speakers. You could craft a presentation several different ways, come from the angle of creating lasting memories, offering encouragement to budding artists, etc.

Maybe you could create a line of greeting cards, or calendars and try to leverage your efforts that way. (If you are speaking for free, you could maybe have something for sale as well?)

Join Venus women's networking group - I have and they are fantastic people. I would be amazed if you didn't get commissions from each meeting.

Happy to toss ideas around with you at anytime.

Linda Reid

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I've just given you a plug on facebook. LR

Anonymous said...

Lots of people keen to see you do well but none have addressed the problem which is that you produce art that few people want. Go here to check out an example of art that sells well.
I put the railway cup up as an example because I have this print and everyone who has seen it has remarked positively.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:26
"the problem which is that you produce art that few people want."

Way to piss off your host.

Maybe it's not a case of people disliking Lindsay's art, but simply not enough exposure?

I love your pastel sketches, Lindsay.

Art trends, like fashion, is fickle, but I believe a good sketch has a timeless appeal.

I simply don't have a dog or kid for you to sketch at this time.

But that may change soon...


Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that L M's art is technically very good but it is a grim hard reality that artists who do well don't generally do the sort of work as per this post. Just saying.

FF said...

Yes Lindsay, you could start painting cans of soup or channel Andy Warhol.

Better still declare yourself a tormented socialist and use words like justice, narrative, intersectionality and privilege in your catalogue.
The turtleneck crowd will lap it up.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

FF, Thank you for a real belly laugh.

Primarily I am a commission artist. That is what I am trying to attract. People who want a person or pet painted. Not a small market but probably more efficiently accessed through means other than a street studio/gallery/shop. Though my portraits of Maori, especially those based on historical photos, do sell reasonably well, to complete strangers to the subject.

At the last Going Solo Academy exhibition I was one of 10 or so artists and had amongst the best sales despite other talented artist's works being, for instance, a/ a series of landscapes and b/ taps with various backgrounds and accompanying paraphernalia. It is just impossible to second guess the market.

I am not insecure about criticism and don't take offence easily.