Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aotearoa - "safe and wholesome"

Sue Bradford has certainly become more extreme since leaving parliament. About the WWG, last week this was reported;

Former Green MP Sue Bradford said the group seemed to be "looking to Nazi Germany for inspiration, with its underpinning 'work makes free' philosophy, attempted eugenic control of a portion of the population, and its potential racist implications for Maori".

How do you derive that from a report that essentially finds there are far too many people, disproportionately Maori, living off the extremely-stretched public purse because they have children to care for and no jobs, and to at least arrest the problem they should be offered free contraception?

Then yesterday she started blogging about 'baby farms' (next it'll be 'baby-farmers' conjuring up images of the baby killer Minnie Dean, forgetting we have many more recent examples of people who killed their own children). She is reacting to the proposal that the limit of childcare centres rolls be raised from 50 to 150. But this is the statement that stunned me.

And what of the wellbeing of the staff attempting to provide care and education in conditions more reminiscent of Eastern Europe than of safe, wholesome little Aotearoa?

Aotearoa, safe and wholesome?

You mean since the removal of section 59 Sue? I must have missed that.


Anonymous said...

Is that like New Zealand?

Manolo said...

Just the rantings of a deranged woman. Bradford sounds more and more certifiable, by the day.

Anonymous said...

I think you are wasting space here in your commendable blog. Ignore her!


Shane Pleasance said...

It's perfectly ok to enslave taxpayers, though.