Monday, October 18, 2010

Wells: "...we are collectively being ripped off"

Tao Wells, advocate for arsing about, is not at all bright. Having provoked an angry reaction he refuses to recognise the substance of it;

Wells said the anger prompted by his argument was a response to the issues he raised, not an attack on him. "The anger is very real and it's not about me. It's about feeling ripped off – we are collectively being ripped off."

My anger is most definitely directed at you Mr Wells. Then at Creative New Zealand. Then at the socialist condition of New Zealand. I am not part of any 'we' you belong to. You are the rip-off merchant.

He was not advocating for people living off the state but "living for the state". However, he did not have any ideas on how this would be achieved, admitting "we're making this up as we go".

Translated: People should be communists but as communism doesn't work I have to make stuff up.

Look. It is simple. Find some fool who wants to part with their money to keep you fed, watered and intellectually indulged. Taking money from those who do not is theft. It is not art.


Andrei said...

Actually he is more honest than the majority of rip off merchants the long suffering taxpayer support.

We could start with the Creative NZ folk and work our way to those who pontificate about what we put in our kids school lunches, moving onto those who tell us that booze in supermarkets is too cheap, cheaper than water apparently in their universe and so forth.

Then of course there are those who tell us that cement manufacture and dairy farming, useful economic activities, a "gross polluters" and use this to extract money from them and ultimately us for the noblest of purposes in their greedy tiny minds.

Yes this guy is a least honest in his troughing.

Unknown said...

Thanks for getting on Board Lindsay,

let's look at this bludger, the 35,000 South Canterbury Finance investors receiving 1.6 Billion, that’s an average of $42,800 each of TAX PAYERS DOLLARS, for being rich in the first place. Talk about the rich getting richer while the poor not only stay poor, but pay the rich for the privilege

It is thought that the government will be able to recover 70% of this over the long term, but that still means the thirty five thousand rich New Zealanders who had the extra cash to invest in the company in the first place will be receiving a $12,800 windfall each from the rest of us, no questions asked.