Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At last, my kind of candidate

I am not voting for a mayor and struggling to find names to tick for any of the other FIVE selection processes. God knows why there are so many. There are a couple of no nonsense experienced types who hold mild appeal but when I trawled through all the electoral bumf last night I was defeated by the inanity of the proclamations. So many people with 'vision' and 'passion'. We are fair drowning in a sea of these self-confessed attributes.

Then I got excited. This morning. At last a billboard that didn't make me baulk. A billboard that even made me smile and feel like there is a upside to the tiresome charade of democracy local body elections have become.

I can nominate a Hutt City candidate for the same ticket;

Now there's vision and passion in spades.

And as I stepped out with madam candidate this morning I reflected that her public speaking abilities really are second to none.

Any other nominations?


Shane Pleasance said...

Looks like a bit of a bitch to me.

Anonymous said...

Thats very rude of you to refer to Jenny Rowan in such a way.

Anonymous said...

politics have become a dog eat dog world


Anonymous said...

There are a couple of mayoral candidates who are barking mad.