Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Banks jumps on the band wagon

If there is any upside to the constant banging on about alcohol, it's the relief from the banging on about P and cannabis.

And I wonder if there isn't an unintended and opposite reaction to all the highly public and prolific angst alcohol is creating. Any publicity is good publicity? I am learning more from the protestors about what is available and how cheap it is then from any other source.

...on Bairds Rd a 330ml bottle of bourbon and cola recently cost $2 - that is almost $1 less than a bottle of water in many shops.

Thanks for the plug Mr Banks.

The following at least provides a smile;

Rangitata "buddy" MP for Labour, Ruth Dyson, said she was impressed by the community response.

"It was really great to hear about so many people turning out to that public meeting, and putting forward such a strong view."

Ms Dyson was not sure whether she would vote in favour of raising the minimum purchase age


Manolo said...

NZ is never short of wowsers, teetotallers, and do-gooders.

If only human behavious could be legislated, if only.


It could be worse Lindsay.
A British Tory MP has just given her maiden speech advocating a miminum price for alcohol.
Naturally top tipples won't be affected but the drinks of the poor would.
And there's me thinking the socialist nannies we defeated on May 7.
There again, the Tories were not the lovable beast they were in the Thatcher era.