Saturday, April 10, 2010

The "don't know" line is missing

The latest Roy Morgan poll. Not that I was asked, but if I had been, my answer wouldn't be represented.

We could try a mini (probably very mini on a Saturday) poll here. How many of you, if there was an election to be held next Saturday, don't know who you would vote for - or wouldn't vote at all?

There is a danger I will return to my non-voting status. With a big difference. When I was young I didn't vote because I didn't know or care enough.


Berry said...

The problem of non-voting is that one leaves the decision making to zealots and those they can manipulate.
In my view what we need is a movement like the US "tea parties", we must strive for a fundamental restructuring, where NZ obtains a constitution that limits government.
It may also be best to become a state of Australia, which would help the opportunity to significantly reduce government and makes it a lot easier to 'catch up" economically.

Dave Christian said...

Count one decided non-vote.

I used to be a rationally ignorant voter. Then I irrationally ignored the opportunity cost and used my time to learn with modest accuracy what effect my vote might really have. Now I am wise enough to know that influencing voters is worthwhile for people who want to coerce others to live by their values, and also worthwhile for those who wish to exploit other people. Actually voting is a mugs game.