Sunday, April 04, 2010

Australia sucking money out of NZ

Why are there race meetings all over Australia today sucking money out of shut-down NZ?

Because NZ is a far more Christian nation? Or because NZ has more than its fair share of spoilsports? Or perhaps it is simply that Australia is a 'can do' country and NZ is a 'can't do'. Hence the growing economic gap.

And what is the reward for being a 'can't do' country? Russell Norman?

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Anonymous said...

Spent the afternoon at the Jazz festival at the village in Tauranga.
Couldn't use money to buy anything except tickets to be exchanged for goods. err, what a backward sort of bullshit is that.
Great afternoon and the place to go but when oh when will the mindlessly stupid politicians in this 19th century NZ grow up and do what they should ?
Can buy petrol but not bread. Something screwed here. Good for Infratill I suppose.