Thursday, April 22, 2010

Authoritarian National

A few days back I made a comment on Mulholland Drive about authoritarianism being in the ascendency with the National government.

This morning DPF blogs;

National has had an authoritarian streak to it recently, where they are whittling down the number of issues MPs traditionally are not whipped on. They even want to remove conscience voting on alcohol. There are MPs in National (and many party members) who support NZ becoming a Republic, and they should have been allowed to say so.

So what happened in Parliament yesterday of any value?

The Republican Bill was stopped from going to select committee. It's not a subject I have strong feelings about one way or the other but many do and it should have been debated.

ACT's bill to reintroduce a minimum youth rate was not allowed to go to select committee. There is conclusive evidence the lack of a youth rate is affecting youth unemployment.

BUT Paul Quinn's bill to further disenfranchise prisoners was given the green light to go up for public discussion. Hallelujah - not. Exactly what is taking the vote away from short term inmates supposed to achieve?

Oh and ACT voted for that too. It's not even as if there is any pattern of quid pro quo emerging whereby the Nats support ACT's bill in return for ACT supporting theirs.

My frustration with National/ACT is not unusual but DPF being very angry with them is. If that is a reliable barometer many New Zealanders must be starting to get a touch tetchy with this government.


David said...

As far as a barometer DPF is a bit late to the party. His readers have been turning feral on National in increasing numbers. ACT would be better pulling the pin, they have got nothing, aside for taking the heat over the super city.

Anonymous said...

get a touch tetchy

A TOUCH TETCHY???!!!??!!

I miss Hellen.

Hellen would never, ever, have signed the treaty National signed yesterday.

At least with Hellen you knew what you got. Now we just seem to have Hellen with a different face.

If only Key and English had half the balls of Hellen and Cullen

Anonymous said...

We have just learned from Tariana Turea in Parliament that Maori Television was advised on 9 April that the Declaration was to be signed, so that they could send a reporter etc. over there.

At some time after the Cabinet decision on 22 March, when Key was asked about it he fluffed around then said that nothing had been announced...

So he at minimum was deceptive with his answer an t worst was an out right liar.

Shane Pleasance said...

We are, as they say, getting what we voted for. "Good and hard".