Friday, April 23, 2010

Around the newspapers

Jim Hopkins does what nobody else can better - leaves you wondering whether to laugh or cry.

Here's a man who survives the dangers of Afghanistan only to come to NZ and become of victim of something far more insidious - false rape accusations. Again it appears the complainants (female scumbags) get name suppression and no consequences. Surely this sort of vicious and malicious behaviour is almost as worrying as the physical danger taxi drivers face yet gets nowhere near the publicity.

In Taranaki a judge asks if the case of a man taking marijuana into court isn't the stupidest case of the day. The man, a mental health patient says he self-medicates to control his violence. Stupidest case or stupidest law?

Staying in Taranaki, and possibly with the theme of stupidest, Phil Goff was asked to complete the 6 word branding task it recently set members and gave it a go. Like most politicians he couldn't keep to the brief. A nearby observer did much better with 'boring and uninteresting' although even that is repetitious.

And the granddaughter from hell let's rip at a judge when she fails to convince him she has turned over a new leaf. Own goal. Definitely stupidest.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what the femenazi element over at the hand mirror have to say about the actions of the two females who accused the taxi driver of rape?

While there is no doubt that rape is a horrendous crime and deserved of the most severe punishment those who make false allegations of rape should be subject to the same level of punishment.

Once a man has been accused of a sexual crime he is deemed guilty in the eyes of so many, the people who make false allegations should be dragged before the courts and locked away for a very long time, false rape or sexual assault complaints do not help anybody, least of all the poor females who are on the receiving end of genuine sexual assaults or rapes.

These silly little girls should have be locked up for at least twelve months with no hope of parole, that should give them plenty of time to think about how they have destroyed a man's reputation and more than likely his life.