Saturday, February 06, 2010

Opinionated Mummy

Opinionated Mummy is going through hard times. WINZ won't help. No, it's not fair when you have paid your taxes, but the assistance is supposedly targeted to the greatest need (of course I have written endlessly about how the very availability of assistance creates the need). It seems to me OM needs to find whatever temp work she can get while a 'real' job is secured. But I know that is easier said than done. I went through a period after returning to NZ of living with my parents and getting less confident and more depressed as I failed interviews and felt guilt ridden about relying on their support. And I only had myself to worry about. Not three children.

I sympathise with OM and I don't think she has brought her problems on herself. So in the ethos of voluntary giving, which I believe strongly in, I would like to have a whip around for her and will start off the kitty with $100. I know its not a huge amount but neither is her current shortfall. Would anyone like to chip in? E-mail me at

And OM. Don't go all proud on us. You can pay it back one day if you want but I certainly wouldn't expect you to. I like the way you think and I like the way you approach life. So I can help if I wish. Let me know how I can get the money to you.


Lucy said...

Count me in for $50. I too know what it is like. After working and paying taxes for 40 years, going through all my savings I finally had to go to WINZ for help when my health gave in. It is not a pleasant experience. However if you are not happy with your case worker change.

I have had my transplant, am on the mend and will be able to work again in 9-12months so I am happy to help where I can.

Gooner said...

I'm good for $50 also Lindsay.

That's $200 for OM.

Drop me an email with the a/c # and I'll interweb fancy banking stuff thingy to you.

KG said...

I can't afford a hell of a lot, but as Gooner says, email me with the a/c number and I'll be happy to help.

medusa said...

Same goes for us.

Hollywood said...

I'm good for $100

email account # to

Anonymous said...

Count me in. I know exactly what she's going thru, been there myself, found it humiliating.

I'll email you, Lyndsay, for her account details.

Linda Reid

Berry said...

Email me the bank details for OM or yourself and I'm in too (you got my email).

Keeping Stock said...

E-mail me an account number Lindsay ( and I'll be pleased to help.

Medusa said...

How fantastic to see like minded people, Like you Lucy (welcome back) I have worked almost all my adult life, as you and Linda say, many of us have suffered the awful indignity of having to go to WINZ. I started up my own business and was told I could draw $80 on my business before it affected my DPB (which I was on for a year) When my business was going well, I called them to say I no longer needed to be on the benefit, they asked to see my books and when they saw I had drawn $80 a week, I was then informed I got it wrong and had been overpaid because the much publicised $80 a week was actually before tax, nobody had told me that and I had to spend the next year repaying them.So much for trying to help yourself get back on your feet! Now those days are well gone, and I am more than happy to be in a position to make a gesture to OM, I wish her well.

Anonymous said...

Email for a $50

Opinionated Libertarimum said...

For the first time in a very long time I am struggling to be articulate. All I can come up with is a shuddering sobbing sigh, and a WOW that there are people out there who can be so generous and so very very kind. I'm completely floored by this absolutely beautiful gesture.

Forgive any mistakes in this comment as I can't see the screen for the copious tears.

As I have said in an email to Lindsay, I was about to go all proud on you, so I'll have to find another way to go all proud without offending anyone. Maybe drinks or something once I'm back on my feet. Your blog, Lindsay, and the lovely comments from your readers, make me feel much more confident.

My Hindu upbringing prevents me from accepting anything graciously without a large degree of guilt. I will need to work on this, clearly.

Thank you, all, so much for your kindness. I hope one day I will be able to repay your kindness in some way.

Better stop before the tears shortcircuit my keyboard.

Oswald Bastable said...

I'm in too!

Lindsay Mitchell said...

That makes a grand total of 14 people prepared to help - so far. That's just fantastic. Thank you all. Very much.

brian_smaller said...

I have just moved and we are on one income now but I will help as well. Let me know the details.

Anonymous said...

Call me callous, hard-hearted or just plain uncaring but i refer OP to Wednesday 3 Feb post on this august blog.

The handouts offered by the well meaning and caring members of this community pale into insignificance compared to the benefits which can be achieved through some lateral thinking.

Does OP do gardens and does OP know how to polish classic cars?

The world may be her oyster.


Anonymous said...

Missed out the M

Blame it on the gin.