Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A $45,000 warning

Going, going, gone - a New Zealand teenager has auctioned off her virginity to a stranger for over $45,000 to fund her university tuition fees.

A $45,000 warning. What could that be? That the experience with the inexperienced might be a let down? That she might be a porker telling porkies?


Fellas. I made a comment over on Kiwiblog and thought it worth repeating here. You can laugh all you like about men who pay for sex with virgins or otherwise. But the last laugh may be on you.

By delightful coincidence the average child support bill is around $45,000.

Don't get caught. And don't let your sons.


Anonymous said...

The ultimate irony. Delicious!

Keeping Stock said...

Amen to that Lindsay, but I would have thought $45k was on the low side. My bill was more like $75k over 13 years.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I didn't check and had a figure of around $47 average per week in my head. But it was $54 in 2004 (PQ6211) so over 18 years that would be $50,544.

Anonymous said...

Will this young lady have to pay tax on her windfall? She is afterall engaging in the legal business of prostitution.
If she fails to protect her clients from paternity, could they not sue her for not protecting them from undue risk or some such obscure reason?


Anonymous said...

I still remember my first sexual encounter.

Having read Lady's Chatterly's Lover twice I thought I knew it all.

What i didnt expect was for the young woman whom i chose for this encounter didnt stop laughing.

It was not what i had expected. losing my Virginity was a disaster.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wish I didn't use the $100 buy now on mine.

Manolo said...

IV2, were they twins? :-)

Anonymous said...

I paid for 5 years until my son elected to reside with me. In 5 years my bill was $220pw = $57200. It may be seen as a tax on sex/separation as the sum I paid was by any measure more than was required to rear my son due to it ignoring the fact he spent circa 120 nights per annum with me. I now insure that I allocate the monies I formerly sent to IRD to an investment for him. When he's 18 we can decide what to do with the accrued funds...he wants a party!


Brian said...

Dirk, yes she would have to pay tax on it.
It's still money for a service, not a sale of a capital asset like a car.

Anonymous said...

My virginity was always a liability, never an assest.