Saturday, January 23, 2010

Proof that most people are politically ignorant

A very funny piece of satire posted by Adolf at No Minister reminded me of a few thoughts I had had regarding the Massachusetts victory (isn't it great how you can put in a few letters vaguely resembling the state name and the spell checker obliges?)

Was there ever a more glaring illustration of how politically ignorant most people are?

Barack Obama was voted in on a wave of feel-good romanticism. No doubt many felt bighearted and broad-minded simply by voting in the first black President. Did they care or know what Obama's politics were? I don't think so. It was symbolism and idealism all the way to the polls.

But how quickly his popularity has waned as his plans have actually permeated the almost-impenetrable political conciousness of many, thanks to a huge effort on behalf of those individuals and groups who have relentlessly written about, lobbied and rallied against Obamacare, which would represent a huge step towards what America has rejected since its constitution was written.

There is a lot wrong with the US but there is still an understanding of individual freedom simmering away. They have been through, and are still going through, very tough times. But out of adversity, good will often result. A reawakening of what their founding fathers believed in may be that good. I hope so.


Lucy said...

I hope so too Lindsay. Good Post.

Anonymous said...

The founding fathers believed in slavery. What are you on about you ignoramus?

Anonymous said...

Here in NZ I think the Nats got voted in because the electorate was fed up with Labours arrogance. Personally I think we have jumped out of the fry pan and into the fire.
Murray M