Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Airfares for fatties inflate

Air France-KLM is going to begin charging obese people 75 percent of the cost of buying a ticket for the adjacent seat. But I wonder how they are going to define obese? I think KLM is missing a more creative opportunity and solution. I am quite small and wouldn't mind doing a deal with a fattie. They can encroach on half of my seat if they pay half of my fare. It's a win-win. And I'd rather sit next to a fatty than someone who never shuts up.


wino said...

Actually I'd like to do a trade off with luggage - say you are allowed 100kg of whatever, be it person or suitcases, you are weighed complete with all you are carrying as you check in and if you are over that you pay more. (and you could do a deal with someone overweight for whatever reason :-))

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Should be quite simple to administer. You enter your bank account details at check in time. If you have a thirty kilo credit, the check in clerk simply has the obese prick with all the luggage make an electronic transfer to your account and all is tickety boo, so to speak.

brian_smaller said...

I don't know Lindsay. I once had a behemoth sit next to me on a flight to Sydney. They had the aisle seat and could barely get up once seated. To get out I had to climb over the seat in front of me. I think fatties should not just pay more but should have their own section on the plane.

Anonymous said...

First class travel has its benefits.
Sitting in the cheap seats with the Hoi-poloi is cruel punishment indeed.


Mark.V. said...

Apart from the discomfort of sitting beside a fatty, there is also a safety issue. In the event of an emergency requiring a rapid evacuation of the aircraft, a fatty in front of me will block my passage and prevent me getting out.

Anonymous said...

In the event of a aircraft crash/malfunction, a fat person help an endangered person stay afloat.
Stop knocking blobs, they are built in safety devices.


Anonymous said...

Flying AK to LA I was unfortunate to be booked on a plane that had started in Aussie. Result ... two big, not obese, men who considered that the armrests were theirs and this NZder was a nisance of an intruder and refused to share.
However on a return flight I shared a triple seat row with just one other. What gets me are the people who try to have their money's worth and carryon baggage to the limits and well beyond. Last time I flew I limited myself to just a half empty knapsack similar to what children go to school with. Made travel a breeze.