Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's official - calm down Sir Geoffrey

The Social Report for 2009 is out and amongst many other findings about various social indicators this appears;

Most recent data

In 2006/2007, 23 per cent of drinkers of alcohol aged 15 years and over had a potentially (my emphasis) hazardous drinking pattern.

Longer term trend

There has been no change in the rate since 1996/1997.

And in response to this 'no change' state of affairs the following have been proposed;

1 Increase the price of alcohol

2 Increase the purchase age of alcohol

3 Decrease accessibility of alcohol

4 Decrease marketing and advertising of alcohol

5 Increase drink-driving measures

...because, we are apparently, "in the grips of an under-recognised national alcohol crisis."


KG said...

Lindsay, facts aren't wanted when they run counter to hysteria, social engineering and self-promotion.
Palmer's self-important bubble isn't going to be pricked so easily.

Anonymous said...

I am old enough to remember the infamous "6 0clock swill"

Back in the days when bars closed at six oclock in the evening, payday would see the working man standing 10 deep at public bars pouring alcohol down their throats faster than Plumley Walker went over the Huka Falls.

Then, with arms clutching their cargo of Half gallon jars brimming with their favourite brew, they would stagger-drive off home where wives and mothers would be waiting with a hot dinner in the oven and the payday promise in the bedroom.

Ah, the good old days......


Lucy said...

Sir Geoffrey really really really likes to be in 'control' of our lives doesnt he?

Lets see what the government does with his advice shall we?

Once apon a time I would have said that a conservative government would have said po we dont want to play. Now Im not so sure.

brian_smaller said...

Do you think that Sir Killjoy ever actually drank alcohol when he was young or was always such a wet blanket?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

My late Grandfather (wounded at Galipolli) once attended a temperance union meeting.

After twenty minutes of fire and brimstone, the preacher asked 'Does any man here have a problem with the demon booze?' Shakily Granddad stood up. 'Come forward my lad. Come and we will save you.'

Granddad went forward and the preacher turned him toward the multitude and commanded.'Tell us about your problem.' In a clear voice my ancestor shouted "I can't get enough" and then ran like hell out of the place.

Anonymous said...

Well, ya gotta say something to get paid by the taxpayer.