Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New libertarian blog

Russell Watkins and Graham Clark are two very politically active libertarians from the Bay of Plenty. They have just launched a new blog at SunLive, the on-line version of the Weekend Sun, Tauranga's free weekly. Today's guest blog, The War on Government Welfare, is by....oh, me :-)

Good luck guys.


Berry said...

You make good points there Lindsay, but forget that there are many more 'links' in that system, for instance legal aid - justice system dealing with those dependent on welfare - lawyers - legal lobby groups - government -legal aid, to mention but one other example of a 'merry go round' that is eventually fed by tax payers only. Could name at least another dozen of such circles.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Lot's of pathways ... only so many words. I did mention the Ministry of Justice though.