Sunday, May 03, 2009

Foolish head-banging?

No. Not of the 'musical' kind. Rather,the banging-it-against-a-brick-wall variety.

I think I am possibly not shouting loud enough or what is important to me is trivial and boring to others. Or a combination of both. But I will restate some news from earlier in the week.

6,000 more people are on the DPB than one year ago.

That's around 10,000 children - enough to fill twenty five substantial schools.

An annual six percent rise hasn't been seen since the early 90s.

There are 37,000 unemployed people but over 100,000 on the DPB, where they will remain, on average, far longer than those on the dole.

But the media thinks the demise of Wheel Of Fortune is more important.

What's happening here is politics. Labour won't make a noise about it because they squandered the best opportunity to do something about the DPB any government has had. And National won't make a noise about it because they aren't prepared to do anything about it.

Have we given up caring? Is the DPB just part of the wallpaper now? Is it so institutionalised there is no going back? Or rather, going forward?


Manolo said...

I don't think it's foolish at all.

The battle you (and few others) are fighting for the reform of the welfare state is of vital importance to our country.

It may feel like swimming against a tidal wave, but your campaign should (and will) continue.

I congratulate you for your indefagitable efforts.

Manolo said...

Apologies for the typo (slight bout of dyslexia)!.

I meant indefatigable.

B.Whitehead said...

Keep it up Lindsay!!, the tide of welfare expansionism has to turn at some point, otherwise were're all doomed to some sort of soviet type of lifestyle from the communist era.

Anonymous said...

all doomed to some sort of soviet type of lifestyle from the communist era.for those of you stupid enough to still live in NZ - that is precisely what you've got!

Roger & Prebs should just hold Key's head to the fire.

The budget should just terminate all DBP and dole payments; privatise all the schools and hospitals overnightwhich part of: we can't afford it anymore do you understand!

If ACT fails to do this they are complicit in destroying NZ!

James said...

Dude....3.5% only gets you so far....;-)

Oswald Bastable said...

It's not foolish and you are NOT on your own!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, I really appreciate your efforts. We are a supposedly wealthy family (have received no working for families at this point), however, our home does not have a section big enough for our children to run and play, for a netball hoop or for a trampoline. We do not have outdoor furniture or Mongoose bikes. However, the family with five children who moved into a neighbouring state house has all of these things. I am sure there are many ordinary families like mine (the ones paying the tax bills to fund welfare) who really support your efforts. If I knew how I could help, I would!

Anonymous said...

Don't give up, Lindsay. Lot's of us out here agree with your sentiments, the tide has to turn sometime, before we all get sucked under.

Anonymous said...

What is anyone ever going to do about this. I'll tell you, sweet FA. I'm so glad I pay my taxes in Aussie. It is not my country of birth and therefore not my country to criticise. NZ has become a nation of bludgers and malingerers.

Anonymous said...

If that was the result of an anti domestic violence campaign I'd be happy.. Guessing it wasn't though.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Anon 7.18

Interesting comment. One of the major reasons for introducing the DPB was to assist women in escaping domestic violence. But that rationale has been totally corrupted. Women are now paid to live with violence. A woman can qualify for the DPB IF she is living with a violent partner but not if she is living with a non-violent partner. That is the result of a Court of Appeal ruling around 1996. Also there are dubious, violence-prone types who prey on single mums with low self-esteem but a roof over their head and a steady income. The DPB is just as likely to contribute to violence as reduce it. 36 years have shown us that.

bevanjs said...

.. and what's the easiest way to increase your income if on the DPB? It's not their fault the system is set up that way. It's us who keep voting in politicians with no interest in solving the problem.