Monday, May 11, 2009

Collins gatekeeps at Garrett's expense

Readers know that I am not a supporter of 'three strikes' but any bill that is before select committee deserves a thorough investigation of its merits and pitfalls. The refusal of Judith Collins to answer David Garrett's question (below) would be less surprising if he was in opposition. But this bill is a combination of her own party's campaign promises as well as ACT's. What gives? One is inclined to suspect that National really doesn't want a bar of it, giving weight to Garrett's earlier claim that they had stymied the bill's chances of passage by changing the list of qualifying offences.

There is an adage that goes something like, he who controls the knowledge controls your fate, or in this case, your bill's fate.

3318 (2009). David Garrett to the Minister of Corrections (08 Apr 2009): How many persons currently incarcerated for either murder or manslaughter had, at the time they committed the offence for which they are currently incarcerated, served at least three sentence episodes for any of the following offences: Sexual Violation contrary to section 128 of the Crimes Act 1961; Murder contrary to section 167 or 168 of the Crimes Act; Attempted murder contrary to section ….of the Crimes Act; Manslaughter contrary to section 171 of the Crimes Act; Wounding with intent contrary to section 188 of the Crimes Act; Injuring with intent contrary to section 189 of the Crimes Act; Injuring by an unlawful act contrary to section 190 of the Crimes Act; Aggravated wounding or injury contrary to section 191 of the Crimes Act; Aggravated assault contrary to section 192 of the Crimes Act; Assault with intent to injure contrary to section 193 of the Crimes Act; Assault on a child, or by a male on a female contrary to section 194 of the Crimes Act; Cruelty to a child contrary to section 195 of the Crimes Act; Using any firearm against a law enforcement officer etc. contrary to section 198A of the Crimes Act; Commission of a crime while using a firearm contrary to section 198B of the Crimes Act?

Hon Judith Collins (Minister of Corrections) replied: The answer to this question would require significant collation and I do not consider this a good use of the Department of Corrections’ resources.

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Hmm, well now she has the power she really can't hack it can she. Another mouth and trousers bully.