Monday, May 11, 2009

Blogs and MSM

The relationship between blogs and the mainstream media is a developing one. The readership of my blog is not particularly high. I don't know about unique visitors but I average around 180-200 visits on week days. Sometimes I want to express a view more widely so will dispatch a particular post in the form of an letter-to-the editor. (I also feel obliged to satisfy the locals who frequently comment directly to me if they haven't seen a letter for a while. Or if they have seen one they particularly liked. Other less 'appreciative' types simply avoid making eye contact I suspect:-)) The following appeared as lead letter in the DomPost on Saturday. It's a slight variation on a post from last week;

Further interaction may be seen in another way. On Tuesday I posted this piece about unemployment. It contained the following table;

On Thursday the following appeared, again in the DomPost. It may or may not have come from this blog. If it did that's good. If it didn't, apologies for my presumptuousness.

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