Thursday, December 04, 2008

Not a great advertisement for the teaching profession

What is there to say about this story beyond it representing a fine example of somebody telling lies.

Have a read and tell me, even with your knowledge limited to the report, which version you believe. Because you will have a gut instinct.

A 15-year-old girl at Waitara High School has been suspended after a violent altercation with a female teacher on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

The student sounds like a spoiled brat whose parents have told her about her rights but failed to mention her responsibilities.

I feel for the teacher but of course in this world it is her who will get the blame.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say that.

May I make a prediction, now that smacking a child is illegal, incidents of students assaulting teachers will increase.

Anonymous said...

As you say Lindsay, the truth is never clear in such circumstances. However, my tendancy is to sympathise with the student. Students are FORCED to attend school, in many cases there is no choice of which school.

Schools enforce rules which in many cases are not about respect for others, but are designed to control student behaviour - even to weaken the students will so that they are easier to manipulate. Such rules are often applied arbitrarily. To make matters worse, schools often decline to provide education even when students ask for it.

If the student were allowed to make a free choice of which, if any, school to attend, and were empowered to demand that the school deliver what it promises to deliver, then the student behaviour would be inappropriate in this case, otherwise possibly not.

Dave Christian

Alan said...

my gut is to believ ethe teacher.

comments like "if your parents can;t hit you, what gives teachers the right" strike me as someone who tried it on a bit much, got physical and it ended badly.

and maybe its unfair, but wearing a neck brace that should be off just in time for christmas seems a bit like ambulance chasing to me.

but regardless of the actual facts, the teacher will be the one actually punished.

Anonymous said...

"my tendancy is to sympathise with the student. Students are FORCED to attend school"

For fuck's sake.. and you wonder why you morons can only collect a 1000 votes or less in an election..

Lucy said...

Dave Christian

You are joking arent you? I cant believe that anyone could make the statements you have seriously.

Anonymous said...

I'm not joking Lucy. If this sort of thinking is new to you, please google "John Taylor Gatto". His essay "Against School" is a good place to start. If you don't like his style, you could also try reading John Holt.

I am a Libertarian Redbaiter, but have never been a supporter of NZLibs.

Dave Christian

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Dave, I used to walk away from secondary school when I had had enough of rules and irrelevancies. I can still remember the exhilaration of just walking through the gate and setting off on the miles home. I was put on report and eventually suspended for truancy. Refused Sixth Form certificate on the basis of not completing the curriculum.

But I never hit or taunted or shoved or provoked anyone. So I can't sympathise with her actions.

luggage79 said...

those kids don't seem to realize that it is a real priviledge to be able to go to school and get a good eduction. What should the teacher have done? Let herself be assaulted?
Kick that brat out of school and make her work and earn a living...

Lucy said...

Because the thinking is not new it doesnt make it right.

Educatation is a privledge. Unfortunately like so may other things in NZ it is taken as an absolute right and therefore has lost its value.
Im with luggage79. There are kids who want to learn and teachers who want to teach why should they be subbject to this sort of behaviour? If she doesnt wnat to be at school and her parents seem to condone her behaviour kick her out and let them be responsible for her for the rest of her unproductive life.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the initiation of violence is unacceptable. Based on the one story I have read, we don't know who initiated it in this case, so we guess. Why should we jump to the conclusion that the person in a position of power is innocent and the person in a position of weakness is guilty?