Saturday, December 06, 2008

Celebrating acquisition of other people's money

What an overt bludger the mayor of Palmerston North is. For years various community groups have wanted to set up a one-stop shop but couldn't raise the money. Obviously the local council didn't consider the idea worthwhile enough to put the money up. Now the money has been acquired through (mainly) the Department of Internal Affairs.

"That's not ratepayers' money, which is the best part about it," Mr Naylor said.

The "best part" even.

Yes, let the NZ taxpayer cough up for some questionable scheme that the locals don't want to pay for themselves. Socialism in a microchosm. And to think so many of our so-called best and brightest get their education and lessons in life there.


Anonymous said...

At the same time council has splashed out twenty five thousand bucks of ratepayers money for a christmas tree for the city centre.A tree many ratepayers didnt need or want. It had only been erected a couple of hours before being vandalised.


Oswald Bastable said...

I really want to give morons like that a fatal kicking!

What he is REALLY saying is that the money comes (mostly) from people who never voted- or would vote- for him.

Or more importantly- are not in a position to vote him out- like ratepayers are!