Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Smokers are a cash cow 2

Not PC was wondering about whether smokers paid their way. More than.

Current tobacco tax revenues amount to approximately $1 billion per year, and have been at that level for some years. This is just under 2 percent of total tax revenues.

- Of the approximate $1.6 billion per year retail spending on tobacco products, approximately 70 percent is tax revenue, including GST as well as tobacco excises.

- Thus, the average amount spent by New Zealand’s 750,000 smokers is approximately $2,135 each per year and approximately $1,500 is tax revenue.

NZ Medical Association, Tobacco Taxation In New Zealand, November 2007

The cost of smoking-related health care to the New Zealand taxpayer is about $250 million.

The Cancer Society, Cancer Society of New Zealand Inc September 2004

(BTW I just buried my dog in the garden. She had a invasive, inoperable tumour. She never smoke or drank, ate well and exercised every day. RIP dear Griffy.)


Peter Cresswell said...

Thanks Lindsay. My condolences on Griffy's death.

KG said...

Condolences, Lindsay--losing a long-time companion is very hard and that gap will take some time to fill.

Anonymous said...

The really big win from smokers and drinkers is that they die earlier

thus saving the rest of us huge amounts in dole payments, welfare, geriatric housing & medical care costs.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for you Lindsay.....I had the same awful thing happen earlier this year.