Sunday, February 10, 2008

Unhappy landing

Yesterday a significant experiment was conducted in the Mitchell household.

It was conclusively proved that a potato-top pie, in particular, a large family-sized potato-top pie purchased from the local butcher, when dropped from a height of 1 metre, does land potato-side down.

No repeat or variation of this experiment is planned. Although it has been suggested that if the pie was tied to the cat's back during it's progress from oven to dinner table, and the cat was to fall from a height of 1 metre, a different outcome may be achieved.

Bacon and tomato sandwiches are very wholesome and satisfying.


Rick said...

Spectators also ponder the propensity of Members of Parliament responsible to the Mitchell Household to land on their feet when they've clearly broken the law rammed through by their own administration.

Anonymous said...

The quirky English language causes me to wonder about the cat's progress from oven to table, especially when falling from the height of 1 metre (presumably the height of the oven). I have a very good recipe for "Chat au vin", and another similar for "puss in jus". Popular in parts of Auckland is KFC ( K for Kantong).

luggage79 said...

Did you know that a cat falling out of a 23rd storey window has a greater chance of living than a cat falling from a 6th storey window? It takes the cat about 8 storeys of falling to realize what is happening to him/her and react accordingly. So if you reconduct the experiment with the cat tied to the casserole be sure to chose a window in the 8th storey or above so as to eliminate interference from an unprepared cat :-)