Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Can do

And just talking about 'can do' countries. I see the US is going to allow entry to the badly malformed Samoan baby that this stingy, socialist, state refused entry to. Her parents had raised $100,000 for a proper appraisal. The US think this is enough for her care and two Miami Children's Hospital surgeons are offering their services free. On this occasion (and many others) thanks to central and local government, we are a 'can't do country'. Pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Lindsay - this child is anencephalic. This means it is not a being but just a mass of lower brain functions and spinal reflex arcs. Any money spent on it is wasted - and I'm sure the American medics know this but, hey, they are the recipients of the money whereas in NZ the taxpayer would be forking out the dough on a useless cause.

I'm not being harsh, just a realist - spend our health dollars where they can help.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I never argued that the NZ health system should spend money on the child but this was one of the countries where she could have been properly examined and the parents given expert advice. And from the community they had raised enough money to allow for this. But our immigration authorities denied them the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay - I think that you'll find that there was some communication between the local Dr's and ours and then advice given to the Immigration authorities before the decision was made.

Hope is a powerful human emotion and these parents are no different. My heart goes out to them but nothing will change the outcome.