Wednesday, February 06, 2008


That's the title of the first post from Rodney Hide for some time. I hope he will be posting regularly. Rodney, the only libertarian in parliament, is also the best political reason for optimism for a freer New Zealand, a 'can do' country. What an amazing transformation, although I have to say, I didn't mind him when he was a rolypoly either. The ideas and energy were always there.

Welcome back.


Anonymous said...

Those two photos are amazing. What an inspiration. If only Jerry Brownlee and parakura Horomia would join Rodney in some gym sessions. I'm going for a bike ride after seeing this post.

Brian Smaller

Anonymous said...

His standing as a politician has halved as well. People just don't seem to take him as seriously as they did before all the personal publicity stuff.

Anonymous said...

Good on Rodney for losing all the extra weight. I do hope he hasn't dropped similar number of voters with his antics over the past year. :-)

I wish him well in his battle for Epsom, which he should win.

Rick said...

:: puffs up chest ::

I asked Rodney about his absence from blogging a couple of weeks ago.

Clearly he has been thinking about it and has taken my council very seriously.


The Tomahawk Kid said...

Congratulations Rodney - what an outstanding effort - well done