Friday, January 04, 2008

What next?

It just gets worse, this cacophonic clamouring for an accident-free utopia. Now we need courses in using ladders.

"What do you do for a living? I teach people how to climb ladders. Really. Does it take long? Oh you'd be surprised how long it can take when I am paid by the hour."

Accident Compensation is accident insurance. We pay our premiums, we have no choice. Pay out and spare us the lectures.


PM of NZ said...

Lindsay - I totally agree. ACC is there to provide a no fault, no questions asked service. ACC, naff off, pay up and shut up.

Although I did wonder how preparing food with a processor fits into DIY. Maybe some are using them to prepare illegal cake mixtures using Nandor's NZ Green in their garages?

No doubt I can expect to see an ACC brochure, complete with an Aunt Daisy's recipe, delivered with such a dangerous DIY appliance, as the next step in training.

halod1 said...

Having to do some home maintenence these hols I have spend most of today over 3 metres up, without a harness doing stuff that scares me but I'd rather risk injury covered by ACC and get the job done.
Using the same techniques at work would cost me my job.
Workplaces are forced to operate at higher levels of safety than we expect at home.