Thursday, January 03, 2008

Petty politicking

Wouldn't it be refreshing if we got some serious analysis from National about the reasons why the prison toll continues to climb, our imprisonment rate is well above the average for the developed world and Maori are grossly over-represented.

It is hard to get excited about $45,000 being spent on TVs and Play Stations. This is just typical petty politicking.

If you study overseas research of the kind New Zealand has never undertaken, it is quite clear there are risk factors for becoming delinquent and ending up in prison. Once acknowledged, efforts to reduce them can begin. If similar research was conducted here I have no doubts the results would be similar.

I wonder about why NZ hasn't emulated international studies and can only conclude that those capable of conducting such research, those who could gain access to the information required, namely academics, are not inclined to. The conclusions would inevitably result in a focus on Maori and that would never do.

What we are sorely lacking is some Maori leadership brave enough to take it on themselves to try and understand the causes of crime beyond 'dislocation' and 'poverty'. Where is it?


Anonymous said...

Socialism getting you down?


Anonymous said...

We have a large and growing prison population, and increasing numbers of people going to prison, it would appear that a prison sentence is not a deterrence.

Anonymous said...

Maori leadership is a rare commodity as hen's teeth.

I'll be delighted to see someone from Maoridom fronting up but chances are they won't. They are either scared or not prepared to debate the issues other than repeating the usual racist cliches. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

I dunno. I have been mightly impressed with the maori party on the EFB.

They publicaly and politically put the boot into Labour. This could be a sign that after years/decades of empty platitudes from the "hollow" Labour party, a new and urgently required attitude is evolving.

Think about it.


We need it

Anonymous said...

Maori will never get anywhere until the "laedership" they follow is their own individual reasoning minds...not a collective racial abstraction

Go's for everyo9ne else too....if I hear people whinging for 'political leadership" one more time....uuugghh!

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Anon, Essentially I agree. I wish people would lead themselves using reason.

But ironically (and I say it reluctantly) the message about individual responsibility is still more likely to influence Maori when it comes from Maori (I am generalising). The 'collective' is not an abstraction for Maori. And we should not oppose people grouping together voluntarily. The problems arise when the power of the group surpasses the individual's power through force. Whakapapa and being Maori is undeniably important to some Maori. I can't see how forcing them to reject that reality is a liberal cause.