Friday, November 16, 2007

Running the show

My computer has developed a case of Cunliffitis - it's decided it's running the show.

Ever since it arrived at my house it's been churning away. Never shuts up. I don't know what it does all day but the drive is constantly chattering. To the point where it gets on my goat. There it goes again. Then this morning I'm in the middle of a post (OK it wasn't of earth shattering importance) and this thing tells me it's logging off. Hang on. I decide when I'm logging off. No you don't.

It wants to configure updates. But I'm busy right now. No your not. Configuring my updates is far more important.

Configuring. So I sit and stare at the screen as the hands move around the clock. Take your time. Don't mind me. I've got all the time in the world. You f-----. No you don't. Now it's shutting down. Hang on. Gone.

Then it whirs back into life. 'Welcome' it says. I'll f------ give you welcome. Where've you been? It wasn't me who left.

"Your last session crashed" it says. 'My session' didn't crash. How could it have been 'my session' when it's you who's running the show?


Seamonkey Madness said...

Have you tried defragging it lately and/or doing an error check on the drive?

START > Program Files > Accessories > System Tools


Right-click on C:\ > Properties > Tools tab

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, that is one of the best humourous comments I have seen for a long time.
New Zealanders seem incapable of genuine comedy.
This piece is brilliant.
Thanks for warming up my day.

Anonymous said...

Continual noise can be a sign of a failing hard disk drive. I'd suggest backing-up anything that you want to save - just in case. You should probably back-up regularly anyway. DO you have a CD writer or external drive to back-up to?

Anonymous said...

Try turning off the indexing "service" in Windows Explorer - in XP open the Search Bar > Change Preferences> .

The same happened to me recently - I think Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided to enable it during a recent update.

Berend de Boer said...

Buy a mac or install ubuntu.

KG said...

Buy a Mac. Since I changed to a Mac, the things you're describing are but a dim memory.
No defrag, no anti-virus, no registry clean-up, no crashes.

Anonymous said...

Start => settings => control panel.

In there, double-click on "security center".

At the bottom, there is a link to manage settings for automatic updates. Click on that.

YOu can change the setting so that it downloads the updates, but you choose when to install them (as long as you remember to).

BUT: I'm not sure why that should cause a reboot. Mine install when I log-off, not when I'm working on something. Do you shutdown your PC each night, or leave it running?

luggage79 said...

even with the automatic update setting in place you can still choose when downloaded updates should be installed. Just choose a time when you are not busy (say 3:30 in the morning?) and leave your computer on over night (once a week should be enough). Works for me :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your helpful suggestions. I have tried them and hope the problem isn't the disk drive - time will tell.
I'm just thankful your blogger, in her dudgeon yesterday, remembered how to spell the Minister's name.

Anonymous said...

I used to get a lot of chattering when I ran out of space. A bigger hard drive and more memory fixed it. Also, bet you're using Norton Antivirus!