Monday, July 30, 2007

Labour MP says he knew Bradford's bill was a waste of time

Just listening to Labour MP Dover Samuels calling in to Radio Live and vigorously regaling Jackson and Tamihere with his thoughts about these latest atrocities. He says he and a lot of other MPs knew that Sue Bradford's bill would make not one iota of difference. There are no academic solutions. There are no do-gooder solutions. And the Maori Party and their 'aroha' can go jump. There you go.


Anonymous said...

He voted for the bill and I presume that he is saying that many of the others who disagreed with it voted for it as well.

This gives the public a little window of insight into what a bunch of lying, cheating, immoral people our leaders and law makers are.

Anonymous said...

Each country get the government it deserves. We have this bunch of clowns because, at election time, the population couldn't care less and appeared satisfied with the lot that offered the biggest bribe.

Samuels' admission is an indictment on the Labour Party caucus. They didn't, don't, and will never represent productive, modern New Zealand.