Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Proof that the media treat Maori "unfairly"

Today's DomPost published a front page photo of Tariana Turia apparently having a wee snooze (she says she just had her eyes shut). The Post published this as an example of what they will not be able to use after the rules change. The Maori Party has just issued a statement which says,

".......we know too well the number of studies which have found that newspaper and television are unfairly unbalanced in their treatment of Maori people and issues” said Mrs Turia.

“A study commissioned by the Broadcasting Standards Authority in 2003 for example, reported that in some media, denigrating and insulting coverage of Maori was reported” said Mrs Turia. “This was a finding that the United Nations Special Rapporteur also highlighted in his New Zealand report”.

To add even further weight to her claim, of the eight photos published half were of Maori MPs - Tariana Turia, Shane Jones, Ron Mark, and Dover Samuels!

This is a bit remiss of the DomPost. In the interests of fairness only one Maori MP should have been featured commensurate with their share of the general population. And only every eighth crime story should be about Maori, every eighth child abuse story about Maori, etc.

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mojo said...

Yeh right.
Amazing how when you go to sleep your form takes on the shape of the immediate structural supports.
Just goes to show meat pies, chips & other excess is too freely available to these people ... it directs blood flow to the gut & makes you want to sleep, soundly.
But it's ok, it, like bthe DPB, is probably cultural.