Monday, May 14, 2007

Just ignore her

Things have come to a pretty pass when police are warning men against even talking to women but that's what is happening in Scotland.

The comments are contained in a Strathclyde Police leaflet entitled 'Staying Safe'. The section entitled 'How men can help women' states: "Men can sometimes frighten women without meaning to. A woman may be nervous when she is out on her own - especially after dark or in a lonely or enclosed place, or on buses or trains."

It adds: "Resist chatting to a woman who is waiting, for example, at an isolated bus stop. She won't know that you mean her no harm. Remember that a woman may also feel threatened by what you think are admiring looks."

The leaflet reiterates previous advice that men who find themselves walking in the same direction as a woman should cross the street to reassure her that she is not being followed.

They stop short of saying, if a man thinks a woman may be in trouble and needing help he should also give her a wide berth in case he becomes negatively implicated. Of course, that couldn't be included in a pamphlet about how to 'help' women. It is nevertheless the message men are getting.


Anonymous said...

I for one will not stop and give a woman a lift - there have been too many cases where they have shouted rape afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Actually the British worthless police have told citizens that if they see an assault, rape, murder or any attack they should not yell "help" (the victims neither in fact). They are supposed to yell "call the police" lest people get tempted to actually help the person which is frowned upon. In fact using force to protect yourself can get you arrested. You must wait on the police to arrive and identify the body, hopefully before rigor mortis sets in.

Anonymous said...

That's what Men have been trying yo do for decades.

They only interrupt my sport watching and beer drinking.

Good to see it's offcial advice - thank good I will never have to listen or talk to a women I don't want to again.

I can now say 'Sorry but police advice is not to look at you or talk to you to help your mental state'.

Or doesn't this count for your partner.


Anonymous said...

First it was children we had to steer clear of - hence high rates of child abuse. Now it is women - so sexual abuse will rise. When will the statists realise that not only can they not do everything, but in fact that can't do anything much at all other than turn society into a kind of overgrown Kindergarten with too few 'teachers' who give a damn?