Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Scared of the truth

New research from the country which isn't afraid to ask the hard questions.

It finds, child maltreatment roughly doubles the probability that an individual engages in many types of crime.

Now, keeping to the topic of the day, that speech, did he say anything about the greater likelihood of children on the welfare being abused or neglected? No. He says business should be helping schools feed kids with empty stomachs. Sakes alive. While their hopeless parents are allowed to keep sucking on the WINZ tit?

I'm sorry but today I am very angry about the lack of political fortitude this country witnesses time and time again.


Lucia Maria said...

Just to be clear - you'd rather the kids that come to school hungry, continue to be hungry in an effort to try and force? inspire? their parents to come to their senses and start feeding them?

What's wrong with feeding the kids first?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Let's feed the kids AND do something radical about the DPB. Let's feed the kids with the very definite idea that this is a temporary state of affairs. The more we do for people the less they will do for themselves. The kids won't abuse the 'free' food. The parents will. Think about the foodbanks that were introduced in the early nineties when unemployment was at a peak. Now they are a permanent fixture and many of the people using them spend their money on drink, tobacco, drugs etc first. Thanks to the banks the kids get fed but the parents just get more irresponsible and dependent.

Lucia Maria said...

Ok, good. Can't disagree with you there!