Sunday, June 25, 2006

Another major excuse-maker

Please read the link in the following post and then come back to this.

Tariana Turia says resources inadequate

The Maori Party believes inadequate resources are partly to blame for the country's appalling child abuse record.

Party co-leader Tariana Turia says the case of the Kahui twins highlights a group of people who have become marginalised.

Mrs Turia says she has shed many tears over the deaths of three-month-olds Cru and Chris Kahui, a week ago today.

She says the case points up the need for better understanding of families under pressure.

Tariana Turia says privacy laws are also a problem, because government agencies are often afraid to share information about families in trouble.

Alan Duff has a different viewpoint. He has no time for the current Maori leadership, particularly Tariana Turia. In this interview from Friday he says, "I have a theory. I believe all this excuse mongering has been going on so long we are believing it. Each bunch of do-gooders and absolvers lower the bar further."

Shame on Tariana Turia.


KG said...

Every time I hear Turia open her mouth I hear excuses for rotten behaviour on the part of Maori and I hear her blaming European kiwis for them.
There's a name for that kind of behaviour--racist.

Oswald Bastable said...

Anyone excusing the inexcusable is a part of the problem...

Anonymous said...

Some problems can be solved with money. Some are made worse. Turia can't tell which is which so she throws money at all of them. And for these kinds of people giving them money is like handing matches to someone drenched in petrol.