Saturday, April 15, 2006

Golly - madness

I supose the cops had nothing better to do. We all know the UK is a crime-free haven.
So Herefordshire police had time to seize three golliwogs from an alarmed shop-owner who thought, when he was urgently called to his premises on a Sunday, a break-in had occurred.
(Thanks Reason)


Anonymous said...

There are two on display in an antique shop window right here in #########. Shhhhhh!!! :)

Lindsay Mitchell said...

We just came back from Martinborough where the Village Cafe market had a stall selling them. Very gorgeous they were too. They were next door to three alpaca, going for $7,000 apiece. Anybody remember what Martinborugh was like twenty years ago? What a transformation.

Rick said...


Okay, I'll be stealing this for my blog for sure.