Saturday, April 29, 2006

A bridge too far

"Nats see Maori Party as future partner".

You know, this really is as bad as seeing a headline that says Nats see Greens as future partner - no, it's worse.

The Maori party is racist, socialist, separatist, tribalist and reactionary. A party of "freedom and choice" doesn't get into bed with a party like that - not on a permanent basis. They sleep with them when it suits. Which is a partnership that speaks ill of both camps and will inevitably end in tears.

Who is actually being critical of the Maori Party world-view at the moment? Nobody. Not one party is prepared to challenge their blatantly racist proclaimations and their schizophrenic attitude to welfare dependence - probably the most pressing issue Maori face.

The Maori Party has shown extraordinary energy since the election. Their MPs are passionate and deservedly high-profile but their ideas are awful. They are still caught up in the victimhood mentality and all the bitterness that entails. Some more than others. It is my sincere belief that they will not advance the social circumstances of the Maori people. Not if they stay on their current course.

And there ought to be a party prepared to point this out.


Anonymous said...

Well, if its as you say it seems like National and Maori are willing to lie their way into power.

What I get sick of though are Maori who turn every struggle in their lives into a race issue. Everyone has got it hard in someway just get over it.


Belt said...

Some Maori, Gloria. And Some non-Maori too.

Calling them racists, Lindsay, is a pretty big label. As a Maori party, serving Maori constituents, hoping to further the interests of Maori, it is inescapable that they present race based policy. A bit of a red herring there - they have to preach to the choir.

Socially schizophrenic is much more relevant as an observation. Some of their utterings are surprisingly right-wing and/or liberal, only to be contradicted by the socialist we-all-are-victims ingrained gut reactions.

Many commentators have said the National Party haven't understood how to position itself in an MMP environment. Now that they appear to do just that, we criticise them for it? A Labour party that does get on with a Maori Party is assured a fourth term. Even armchair strategists can see that the opposition has to pucker up and compromise if it wants to have a shot at warming the seats at the other side of the house.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that...

Nichlemn said...

I think many anti-racism campaigners don't actually care about racism at all. All they care about is inequality, that's their main goal. Racism is just an emotional word they use to apply to certain inequalities to try to spin things their way.

You can't deny the Maori Party is blatantly racist. Everyone would be up and arms about the blatant racism of a "White Party", but even groups that are subtle about it, like National Front/BNP type parties, are chastised for it. Yet the hypocrisy of it is that there's discrimination on different types of discrimination - i.e. different standards are applied when judging whether the group is "protected" or not.

The Maori Party serves only to divide people, playing the identity card to have people think by their skin colour. In a further extension of it it involves more acceptance of grouping people, even if arbitrarily. Sadly it's very effective - I bet with some good spin, we could convince blondes to have a worldview of "Us versus Them". In fact we could probably do it for people with similar bank account numbers.

When you fail to condemn divisive parties like NZF and the Maori Party, you may be able to get into power, but you've done it at an enormous cost. Standing up strong may be politically dangerous in the short term, but suck those parties of their lifeblood in the medium to long term.

sagenz said...

it is hypocrisy but our tolerance of it does us no harm. we are better working with maori leadership to return Maori to the path of self reliance rather than the Labour Ratana way of state reliance. A compromise from principles certainly, but a better long term outcome.

Lindsay said...

Sagenz, I've yet to see a Maori Party policy that will return Maori to self- reliance. Have you noticed they are opposing the aim of the In Work payment - a Labour measure to make the gap between benefits and working greater. Watching the Maori Party's actions leads to ignoring the rhetoric.
I understand they want the distribution of welfare cash decentralised so Maori can control Maori. I used to think that was a good idea but more lately it strikes me that would simply reinforce tribalism and tribal hierarchy. Notice when Maori say, we know what is best for Maori, we all nod but if Pakeha say, we know what is best for Pakeha we cringe and rebel. Once again we are patronising a group of New Zealanders because of their skin colour.