Thursday, February 09, 2006

Think-tank expands its operation to include NZ

The Australian think-tank, the Centre for Independent Studies has announced the establishment of a NZ arm. It will initially focus on tax and welfare reform.


Anonymous said...

But it is that filthy hippy Phil Rennie. Phil worked in the National party research unit, but was too wet even for them.

I hope Greg Lindsay sorts him out quickly or gets rid of him.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Anonymouse, Phil Rennie has just posted a comment on David Farrar's blog due to some discussion about the CIS philosophy;

"David is right - the CIS is based around the theories of classical liberalism, not christian conservatism. Believe me, I wouldn't be here otherwise.

The publication Tane refers to is only the view of one author, and is very moderate and reasoned if you actually read it. Its also the only publication I've seen that mentions (and then only in passing) abortion and gay issues.

And I don't see how tax credits for people with kids is such a disgusting bigoted idea. In fact Labour has a similar intent with their working for families package."

I responded with the following;

"It is wrong to force one person to pay for another person's choice.
That you are justifying your policy ideas on the basis that Labour's intentions are similar has me worried."

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Sorry about the 'e' on the end of anonymous. It was unintentional:-)