Friday, February 10, 2006

Super silliness

A survey shows 88 percent of Kiwis believe the state should provide for their retirement. The capacity of the human mind to fly in the face of fact never ceases to surprise. But politics is about exploiting such shortcomings. Population projections show our 65+ group growing by 73 percent by 2051 - that's an extra 1,325,000. The workforce on the other hand will increase by a mere 7 percent. And 0-14 year-olds will decrease. Do the maths. State super is unsustainable, with or without the Cullen fund.

(And on the subject of shuffling off this mortal coil, did anyone see the final episode of Six Feet Under last night? What an eerie ending.)

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Nichlemn said...

It's not hard to save at all. People just spend too much and try to save money out of "what's left", ie nothing.

Of course people will say the state should pay for it - if people had their way, the state would pay for everything - because they would benefit, right? Everyone loves spending other peoples' money.