Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Communism kills

Madsen Pirie of the Adam Smith Institute, on the Council of Europe attempts to have crimes against humanity committed by the communist regimes of the Soviet Union and other states condemned, writes;

Imagine a row of 100 people, nearly 40 deep, being bulldozed over a cliff. Almost 4,000 people killed. The communist regimes did that to their own people every day of every year throughout the 72 years of their sway. There were Western intellectuals who tried to justify this, or to make light of it. Indeed, there may still be some who do today. They told us that we couldn't expect an omelet without breaking eggs. It was a horrendous number of eggs – and we never did get the omelet.

And I know people who still believe that the theory was right - it was only the implementation of it that failed.

Recommended reading, Reflections on a Ravaged Century by Robert Conquest.


Brian Smaller said...

I remember having this very discussion with an old woman in the SUP back at the Nambassa Festival in 1979. I remember her saying that the only thing Stalin did wrong was not kill off enough counter-revolutionaries. I lost any sympathy with soicialism about that time.

Anonymous said...

Are you quite sure that you were not attending a local KKK rally rather than Nambassa? PeterT