Monday, January 30, 2006

Cindy Kiro's solution

Children's Commissioner, Cindy Kiro, was interviewed by Michael Laws this morning on Radio Live. Part of the interview was prompted by Law's observation that CYFS seem unable to keep children safe. (CYFS had been involved with Jill Tito's child but taken no action.)

Kiro says, CYFS are only the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. We have to get back to fundamentals. We have to find out why families, parents and grandparents, aren't taking care of their kids.

Laws interrupts and says, "Sorry. I am looking after my kids and most of the listeners are looking after theirs."

Kiro insists that we, as a society, have an attitude that tolerates too much violence as normal. New Zealand seems to have high rates of child abuse, injury and accidents and it's more widespread than we think. The problem is a collective view about levels of acceptable violence.

She continues, the problems are so widespread every child's welfare, health and education needs to be checked regularly.

Cindy Kiro is an apologist and a time waster. In her world there is no personal responsibility, only collective. That being the case the state must monitor all families and all families will have to stump up for this time-consuming, resource wasting, heavy-handed process. Kiro, go away.


Brian Smaller said...

I also heard the interview and turned off in disgust when I heard Kiro once again spout that collectivist rubbish which absolves people of personal responisbility for even the most fundamental human activity - the raising of a child.

Don Boese said...

I have started a blog site about Cindy Kiro's lack of effect in controlling child murderers
Don B