Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why aren't we broke?

The DomPost features a large ALAC ad today which says alcohol harm is costing NZ $4 billion. That's interesting. ASH reckon that smoking is costing $22.5 billion. According to the Ministry of Health, obesity clocks in at $303 million and, if you've got any money left over from your trip to McDonalds then you might join the queue of problem gamblers who are losing almost $2 billion a year. Of course, you might live a much healthier lifestyle and still risk contributing to the $280 million that Water Safety NZ says drowning is costing each year.

Don't worry if your feeling left out. There are lots of other opportunities for you to contribute. The Maxim Institute reckons family breakdown costs us $5.7 billion and Amnesty International puts domestic violence at anywhere between $1.2 - 5.3 billion. National says crime comes in at a cool $7 billion. For those on the straight and narrow, even the workplace presents costly problems. WAVE claims that up to half of the working population is affected by workplace bullying which is costing the economy ..... millions. They mustn't have had a hat to pull a figure out of.

Don't let this drive you to despair or you risk adding to the cost of suicide, $1.4 billion.

How much so far? The running total is pushing $50 billion. Does that make any sense in an economy with a GDP of around $135 billion?

And I can think of at least one other item I've missed. The armies of busy-body, do-gooding, bossy-boots, parasitical, self-serving, victim-promoting, nose-in-the-trough, holier-than-thou hypocrites who spend your money telling you how to live your life.


Oswald Bastable said...

It's all the fault of chain-smoking, pisshead fat boaties who spend so much time out fishing their wives beat them, then divorced them.

The effectivly committed suicide by taking a gamble buying beer and smokes, instead of lifejackets.

They only did it because of pressure at work or because theywere crims...

Nichlemn said...

Well, according to the media, life has never been worse. So I find your statement here a bit shocking. We are going broke! The sky is falling!

Graeme Edgeler said...

It's not about being broke. A flawless NZ economy where everyone worked really hard and no-one did anything bad would just be worth more - don't subtract $50 billion from $135 billion, subtract $50 billion from $185 billion to get $135 billion.

You seriously don't think New Zealand's GDP would be substantially higher if there was no crime? Of course it would!

Anonymous said...

And what about weekends!? That's a 2/7 loss in productivity - $54 Billion right there!