Monday, October 10, 2016

Who affronts feminism more -Trump or Clinton?

Bill Clinton ( husband of Mrs Clinton) leaves a long line of aggrieved encounteresses. Yes, I made up the word.

This doesn't matter apparently. It's the past. Hillary has countenanced the encounteressances ongoing.

But Hillary campaigns on being a feminist. A feminist that puts up with a man who is repeatedly sexually fickle?

OK, OK, So its only sex. I get that. She has bigger fish to fry.

But that was Trump's specific argument today. That he did some boastful locker talk quite a few years ago. NOW there are much more serious matters at hand. (We don't know if he physically transgressed against women in a manner that is worse and stuff could come out yet.)

A further observation:

Today's male moderator, very early in the piece, defined Trumps's indicative talk as  'sexual assault' . The voters on Trump's side probably don't buy the modern definition of sexual assault and the moderator accusing Trump of such will only inflame their disconnect and contempt for the language distortions  that feminists have forced on society.

I could not vote for either candidate.


Kiwiwit said...

Hillary is a little bit more than 'a feminist that puts up with a man who is repeatedly sexually fickle.' Perhaps this article (from the generally Hillary-supporting website Vox) will put things in perspective:

Anonymous said...

Trump does enough to earn my vote by virtue of offending the MSM and the establishment political classes so much.

If they are so anti-Trump - that is a gold-plated reason to vote for him!

Anonymous said...

Come on Lindsay - TRUMP bragged on tape about sexual assault, no question. Whether he did it or not is the question, but he sure bragged about it.

Similarly there is now incontrovertible evidence Bill Clunton is a rapist. The legal question is whether Hillary is an accessory after the fact (you'd have to prove intent to mislead, rather than that Bill had lied to her) and if not, if beng still married to a rapist is disqualifying - although just writing that it's clear that it is - her aide Huma Abedin just got divorced for rather less...