Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The table above is an answer to a PQ asked by Carmel Sepuloni.

Not much grist for the opposition mill here.

As the teenage birth rate plummets so do the numbers on welfare.

I would never have thought it possible for the numbers to drop this quickly in such a short time frame. It's stunning.


Anonymous said...

Maori women have taken over educating their girls. Great results. Maori men need to do the same with their boys.
Apart from that there will always be life little accidents so it is never going to be nil.

Education instead of exploration. although exploration was more fun a longtime ago.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I hope you are right.

Exploration is ongoing though, unless human nature has changed. Contraception is working better than in the past.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right about the Maori women, but regretfully the Maori rate, while declining, is falling more slowly than the other ethnic groups.

The report by Superu on the trends did not find that greater use of contraception or more careful use was a significant factor. Instead they found that the primary reason appears to be a delay in the onset of sexual activity, though they say the reasons for this change in behaviour is unclear, though it does suggest that teenagers may be human and be able to modify their behaviour if they wish rather than just act on instinct. To quote from the report

"Delaying becoming sexual active among school-aged teenagers is an important factor in the declining teenage birth rate in New Zealand. Contraceptive use is less likely to be a factor given there has been little change in the proportion of sexually active school-aged teenagers in New Zealand who use contraceptives.

A survey of New Zealand secondary school students (ages 13-17) carried out in 2001, 2007 and 2012 found declines in sexual activity and pregnancy between 2007 and 2012 (Clark et al, 2013). In 2001 and 2007, approximately 33 per cent of school-aged teenagers had begun sexual activity, and in 2012 this had dropped to 24 per cent (Clark et al, 2013:25)."

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I blogged about the SuperU report here:

Delaying sex is one factor. But those smart enough to delay sex may also be those smart enough not to get pregnant. (I can exempt myself from that group as a teenager so please no more comments about snobbery:-)

NZ research about the fall is thin on the ground.

James said...

I find it fascinating that we have to consult well researched and focussed blogs like this one in order to find out this information - it does not even feature in the mainstream media sites.

Good on you for posts like this, it is rare to read stories or posts on welfare that are objective and optimistic!

Anonymous said...

MY listening to my staff and their mates suggests that there is a lot of education going on. Lots thru Whanau Ora and that includes a lot more general health efforts.

Didn't really like the idea to begin with but can vouch for the results. We can get our Maori ladies and girls to go there whereas the wouldn't go to a doctor before. Once there though the ladies there really get on their case in a nice way.